Scientific outreach is important to promote public awareness of science in general and evolutionary literacy specifically. Our lab participates in several public outreach activities such as ASU’s Ask a Biologist (a biology learning resource tool for students, teachers, and parents) and BioBridge Program (a two-week event aimed to help incoming students with the transition from high school to college), Kyrene de la Colina Elementary School’s DISCOVERoom (a weekly STEM-based learning program which takes place during lunch recess), as well as Wilson Elementary School’s STEAM (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Art/ Mathematics) Night.

As part of our Phage Hunters class, we have created a variety of outreach materials to teach children and students about the wonderful world of phages:

In addition, Sydney Fikse (an undergraduate in the lab) has set up a website for K12 students to learn about anthropogenic factors that have impacted animal evolution.

Pauline Wilson, Jade Porche, Angelica Urquidez, and Bruno La Rosa (students in our year-long Fall19 / Spring20 ‘Phage Hunters’ course) explaining bacteriophage phenotypic diversity at our activity booth at Wilson Elementary’s 2020 STEAM Night. Picture credits: Susanne Pfeifer.