Fall/Spring 2020/21: Phage Hunters Advancing Genomic and Evolutionary Science
Fall/Spring 2019/20: Phage Hunters Advancing Genomic and Evolutionary Science

In 1977, Fred Sanger and his colleagues developed a DNA sequencing technique with which they sequenced the first full genome – that of a bacteria-infecting viruses (i.e., a bacterio-phage) called ⏀-X174. His pioneering work changed the course of biology & medicine forever.

Now, it is your turn! In this
 year-long laboratory course, undergraduate STEM majors actively engage in research to discover, isolate, and computationally analyze bacteriophages. At the end of the academic year, a selection of students will be able to present their results at the national SEA-PHAGES symposium, held at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus, VA. Students must enrol in both semesters.

Topics – Part I (Phage Discovery):
* Sample collection field trip
* Isolation and purification of phages from the environmental samples
* Amplification of the purified phages
* Isolation of phage genomic DNA
* Restriction digest analyses of genomic DNA samples
* Visualization of phage morphology by electron microscopy
* Preparation and submission of phage DNA for sequencing

Topics – Part II (Bioinformatics):
* Annotate phage genomes
* Evaluate the overall genome structure
* Perform comparative genomic analyses
* Submission to GenBank

SEA-PHAGES has been shown to increase both the accessibility to research experiences for students as well as the persistence of these students in STEM disciplines: An inclusive Research Education Community (iREC)- Impact of the SEA-PHAGES program on research outcomes and student learning.

Spring 2019: The Human Genome (BIO-494/598; EVO-598)
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Fall 2018: Evolutionary Data Analysis (BIO-494/598; EVO-598)
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Spring 2018: General Genetics (BIO-340)
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