Celebrating Ravneet’s thesis defense.

Principal Investigator

Susanne P. Pfeifer

Susanne earned her DPhil in Statistics at the University of Oxford (UK) in 2013 advised by Gil McVean, working on the statistical challenges involved in the estimation of variation in mutation and recombination rates from high throughput sequencing data, with direct applications to primate population genetics in a collaboration with Molly Przeworski’s Lab at the University of Chicago and Peter Donnelly’s Lab at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford. She went on to do her postdoc work as a Vienna International Postdoctoral Program (VIPS) fellow at the Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna (Austria). As a research associate at EPFL (Switzerland), she focused on the evolution of cryptic coloration in wild populations of mice (in collaboration with the Hoekstra Lab, Harvard) and lizards (in collaboration with the Rosenblum Lab, Berkeley). Susanne founded the Pfeifer Lab as an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences at ASU in 2017. In 2023, she was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.  googlescholar   pubmed

Postdoctoral Researcher

Audald Lloret-Villas

Audald earned his PhD in Animal Genomics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland) in 2022 advised by Hubert Pausch, working on the identification of genetic loci involved in expression and methylation variation (eQTLs and mQTLs) in livestock animals. In the Pfeifer Lab, Audald is focused on developing cutting-edge omics approaches to gain a better understanding of the variation characterizing biomedically-relevant primates. pubmed

Graduate Students

Mark R. Milhaven

Mark earned his B.Sc. in Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics at Stony Brook University funded by a New York State STEM scholarship. During his undergraduate, he worked in the Veeramah Lab focusing on questions centered on lineage-specific transposable elements in gibbons. In the Pfeifer Lab, Mark’s research focuses on the detection of de novo mutations from high-throughput sequencing data. pubmed

Cyril J.F. Versoza

Cyril earned his B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of the Philippines, where he was a College and University Scholar. His thesis work in the Lazaro Lab focused on the identification of candidate molecular drug targets of antibiotics via comparative genomics of sensitive and mutant strains. In the Pfeifer Lab, Cyril is investigating the genetic determinants that affect broad- and fine-scale mutation and recombination rates in primates and other vertebrates. pubmed

Post-Bac Student

Makena Sy

Makena is a MSc student in Bioinformatics whose research focuses on improving the detection of genomic variation in human cytomegalovirus.

Lab Dogs

Aldo & Finn

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