National Institutes of Health (R35)
Characterizing the full spectrum of genomic variation in biomedically-relevant primates’. 2023–2028

National Science Foundation (CAREER)
Characterizing the rates and patterns of mutation and recombination in Old and New World monkeys’. 2021–2026

National Science Foundation
The Arizona Federated Open Research Computing Enclave (AFORCE), an Advanced Computing Platform for Science, Engineering, and Health’, (together with: D. Jennewein, M. Brazil, G. Speyer, S. Jayasuriya). 2021–2023

Centennial Professorship Award
In recognition of engaged scholarship, leadership, community service, and exemplary student-centered practices. 2021

National Institutes of Health (P01)
Immunologic and virologic determinants of congenital cytomegalovirus transmission and disease in rhesus monkeys’, (together with: S. Permar, T. Kowalik, K. Frueh, A. Kaur, P. Barry, J. Jensen). 2019–2024

CNPRC Pilot Research Program
Characterizing the sex-specific mutation rate in titi monkeys (Callicebus cupreus)’. 2019–2020

To set up a year-long course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) in which undergraduate STEM majors actively engage in research to discover, isolate, and computationally analyse bacteria infecting viruses. 2019–2021

Center for Evolution & Medicine
‘Non-human primate models – novel insights into evolution and medicine’ workshop, (co-I: A. Stone). 2019

Characterizing human cytomegalovirus in a Bolivian population’, (co-Is: J. Jensen, T. Kowalik). 2017–2018

Women Techmaker Scholars Program. Promoting early-career women in computer science. 2017–2018

Center for Evolution & Medicine, ‘Mutation rate evolution’ workshop; (co-Is: M. Lynch, A. Stone). 2017–2018

Center for Evolution & Medicine Venture Fund
The evolutionary history of cytomegalovirus infection in native American populations’, (co-Is: J. Jensen, B. Trumble); 2017–2018

Vienna International Postdoctoral Fellowship

FFG Career grant

EPSRC Predoctoral Fellowship

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

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