Postdoctoral positions
Postdoctoral positions are available in Susanne Pfeifer’s group at Arizona State University, Tempe (US). Research in the Pfeifer Lab is focused on analysing high-throughput sequencing data to learn about genetic and evolutionary¬†processes, with a particular interest in:

(i) Mutation rate variation in primates
A better understanding of the basis of evolutionary variation as generated by mutation will improve both insights into the genetic basis of disease as well as our understanding of the chronology of human evolution. Germ line mutations depend on several biological processes that are well known to vary between different primate species, yet only a limited number of studies has focused on directly estimating mutation rates in non-human primates. Projects will involve computational method development as well as the analysis of large-scale genomic pedigree data to characterize variation in mutation rates across the primate clade.

(ii) Genomic mechanisms underlying links between evolutionary shifts
In many species, coloration is an important phenotypic trait, involved in a range of different biological processes ranging from sexual signalling to crypsis to mimicry to thermoregulation. Building upon our results in recently evolved cryptically colored populations, we are extending this work to consider the co-evolution of coloration phenotypes with other evolutionary signals.

Successful candidates are expected to have a strong computational and statistical background (programming proficiency in R, Perl, or Python, and shell scripting is essential; experience with analysing high throughput sequencing data is highly desired) along with a genuine interest in genetics and evolution. Preference will be given to candidates with a strong publication record, evidence of research productivity, and an ability to successfully communicate scientific information. Funding is available for three years, contingent on annual renewal based on progress. The start date is flexible.

The Pfeifer Lab offers a vibrant work environment with excellent opportunities for collaborative efforts as well as independent accomplishments. The Lab is integrated within a diverse bioinformatics, evolution, and population genetics research community at ASU (ASUpopgen.org), as well as the Center for Evolution and Medicine (evmed.asu.edu) and the Center for Mechanisms of Evolution (biodesign.asu.edu/mechanisms-evolution). Additional information about the Lab and research can be found at: http://spfeiferlab.org.

Interested applicants should send a short summary of research interests, CV, and contact information for two references to susanne.pfeifer[at]asu.edu. Informal inquiries are welcome.


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