Mutation Rate Evolution


Kelley Harris (University of Washington, US)
Susanne Pfeifer (Arizona State University, US)

Invited Speakers
Aylwyn Scally (University of Cambridge, UK)
Peter Keightley (University of Edinburgh, UK)

There is a long-standing interest in the study of mutations. Knowledge of how quickly mutations accumulate is critical to many areas of evolutionary genetics, ranging from the quest to improve evolutionary inference to the genetic basis of disease to the advancement of our understanding of the chronology of human evolution to the characterization of relationships among populations and species. While there is considerable uncertainty in historical mutation rate estimates obtained from indirect methods, recent advances in high-throughput sequencing have made it possible to directly estimate mutation rates from parent-offspring trios and multi-generation pedigrees. As a result of these methodological breakthroughs, novel insights into the genomic distribution of mutations as well as potential underlying molecular mechanisms have recently emerged in a number of different species. This symposium will provide a forum to discuss novel scientific findings in this timely area of research.


March 27-28th 2018
Center for Evolution and Medicine
Arizona State University

This meeting aims to bring together leading experts, early-career researchers, and trainees interested in studying the evolution of mutation rates in different organisms. More specifically, invited speakers will discuss (i) current state-of-the-art approaches in estimating the rate of mutations, (ii) differences in mutation rates between sexes, as well as (iii) the molecular mechanisms underlying both germ line and somatic mutations.

The meeting is sponsored by ASU’s Center for Evolution and Medicine

Invited Speakers
Oskar Hallatschek, University of California, Berkeley, US

Kelley Harris, University of Washington, Seattle, US
Peter Keightley, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
Michael Lynch, Arizona State University, Tempe, US
Susanne Pfeifer, Arizona State University, Tempe, US
Anna Selmecki, Creighton University Medical School, Omaha, US
Anne Stone, Arizona State University, Tempe, US

Susanne Pfeifer, Arizona State University, Tempe, US
Anne Stone, Arizona State University, Tempe, US
Michael Lynch, Arizona State University, Tempe, US


Google Travel Awards
In order to foster exchange between early-career women and leading research scientists in the field, Google sponsors travel awards to support the participation of female undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral fellows. The awards will provide up to $500 in funding for travel-related expenses to each award recipient (in the form of reimbursement after the meeting).

Congratulations to our Google Travel Award winners:
Ziyue Gao from the Pritchard Lab at Stanford University
Kayla Peck from the Lauring Lab at the University of Michigan

The meeting has reached full capacity and the registration is now closed. Please email susanne.pfeifer[@] to join the waitlist.

The meeting will be hosted by ASU’s Center for Evolution and Medicine, Tempe, US.

Address: 427 E. Tyler Mall, Life Sciences building C, room 202, Tempe, AZ 85287.

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