National Science Foundation (CAREER), ‘Characterizing the rates and patterns of mutation and recombination in Old and New World monkeys’, 2021-2026

National Institutes of Health (P01), ‘Immunologic and virologic determinants of congenital cytomegalovirus transmission and disease in rhesus monkeys’, (together with: S. Permar, T. Kowalik, K. Frueh, A. Kaur, P. Barry, J. Jensen); 2019-24

CNPRC Pilot Research Program, ‘Characterizing the sex-specific mutation rate in titi monkeys (Callicebus cupreus)’, 2019-2020

HHMI SEA-PHAGES, research-based lab course aimed at early-career STEM students; 2019-2021

Center for Evolution & Medicine, ‘Non-human primate models – novel insights into evolution and medicine’ workshop; (co-PI: A. Stone); 2019

Illumina, ‘Characterizing human cytomegalovirus in a Bolivian population’; (co-PIs: J. Jensen, T. Kowalik); 2017-2018

Google; 2017-2018 

Center for Evolution & Medicine, ‘Mutation rate evolution’ workshop; (co-PIs: M. Lynch, A. Stone); 2017-2018

Center for Evolution & Medicine Venture Fund, ‘The evolutionary history of cytomegalovirus infection in native American populations’; (co-PIs: J. Jensen, B. Trumble); 2017-2018

Vienna International Postdoctoral Fellowship; 2013-2015

FFG Career grant; 2013

EPSRC Predoctoral Fellowship; 2007-2012

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship EMEA; 2010

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